Burland Landscape Gallery


Some great news, I have partnered up with a new website that can help with any needs you may have in purchesing a picture. I now also have a website at "Burland.fineartamerica.com" come check it out. They do great work and will also ship it to you, you can get a print, framed, canvas or even a card.
If there is not a picture on that site that you like that is on this site please drop me a line  and let me know which one and I can load it up on there. 

Size            Print                With Backing

16"x20"                $50.00                    $100.00

16"x24"                $75.00                    $125.00

20"x30"                $90.00                    $150.00

24"x36"                $125.00                  $225.00

30"x40"                $175.00                  $325.00    

36"x48"                $250.00                  $500.00

40"x60"                $350.00                  $800.00

Plus Shipping

All prints are printed on a pearl paper. I would recommend that you get a print with the backing for anything 24X36 and smaller. For anything larger shipping will be more.

At this time I do not have any framing options, but if you would like me to get it framed and then shipped to you that will be an addtional cost and we can talk about it.

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