Burland Landscape Gallery

About Me

   Burland Fine Art Photography is the start of a more ambitious endeavor that I am hoping to take.  I have been taking photos over the last ten years and have just now realized that I have an eye for seeing things that just seem ordinary, and can make them look beautiful. I have a love for nature and the beauties that abound within. There is nothing like a beautiful sunset over the water, or bright array of colors that mother nature has created for all to see. I am making it my mission to capture as many of these creations as I possibly can, and to share them for all to see. This has been a long process and with the encouragement of friends and family I am getting off the couch and doing something with it. This is just the Beginning of a long adventure.
    Burland Fine Art Photography has been set up for everyone to enjoy the pictures that I have taken. At this time they are only here for your enjoyment. Soon I will have it set up for you to purchase prints of your favorite pictures. If you wish to contact me to find out more on how to get a print or have ideas or requests for photos, please contact me at the email address below.


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